• Alex Barbag

Year of Fun!!

In May 2019, I crawled into bed very carefully so as to not wake up my wife. Alas, my ninja-like skills were no match for my inebriation. What I thought was a sneaky entrance into bed was actually a loud boisterous commotion filled with grunts, heavy breathing, and blanket yanking. My wife, awakened but accustomed to me getting home late due to stand-up comedy, asked why I was getting into bed at an unreasonable 2 AM. The answer: devising our next move in life whilst drunkenly pacing the living room with delusions of grandeur. It was to quit our jobs so that we could do a year-long road trip around the US. Even though I became convinced this was the GREATEST IDEA IN THE WORLD (as I do with every idea I have after midnight), I didn’t actually plan on sharing the idea with my wife, Amanda, because there was no way she would agree. Amanda is Type A and hasn’t had an unproductive, idle moment for as long as she can remember. Either she was in school, has had an internship, or a job. She is very ambitious and always thinking about work (which is probably what makes her so good at her job). But to my surprise, she agreed! And only after a few minutes!

The next morning, with her still on board (which I wasn’t sure because she was half asleep during this life-changing conversation), we started to plan. And by plan I mean celebrate all the things we wouldn’t have to deal with: turning off our morning alarms, and other stuff I can’t recall since I’m writing this 11 months after that morning. But you get the idea, freedom! Freedom from our alarms and other stuff. It was this feeling of freedom that kept us strong during the next few months. We could have easily abandoned the plan to go on this Year of Fun as we were calling it. Figure 1. Calendar with party stuff and Alex and Amanda in party mode

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